TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The US plot to push Iran’s oil exports down to zero will never be realized, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underscored, saying the Iranian nation will “bring America to its knees.”

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In a speech at a Tuesday event held in Tehran to commemorate Iranian workers, Rouhani said Iran will continue to export crude oil despite the US pressures.

The Islamic Republic will never let the US carry out the “wrong” decision to drive oil exports down to zero, the president underlined, saying Washington is going to realize within the next months that Iran will be continuing to export crude.

“They (the US) might close the doors on us in one direction, but there is not just one door… as there are still six (other) doors, and we will continue to export oil vigorously,” he stressed.

“The US seeks to reduce the country’s (Iran’s) foreign currency income by imposing cruel sanctions, as the major source of foreign currency income has been always the sale of oil, (gas) condensates and certain industries relating to the production of oil and gas,” he added.

Highlighting the necessity for a boost to production in Iran and a rise in the export of non-oil products, the president said the Iranian nation will not allow the US to achieve its objectives and that Iran will definitely bring the United States to its knees.

In comments on April 24, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the US’ attempts to block the export of Iranian oil will get nowhere as Tehran will be exporting any amount of crude it needs and wants.

Describing a cut in Iran’s reliance on the export of oil as an opportunity, the Leader said such an opportunity will be used for further reliance on internal capabilities.

“Although the sanctions pave the way for problems in certain cases, they will benefit the country if they are dealt with correctly and logically,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

Last week, the White House said US President Donald Trump “has decided not to reissue” waivers regarding sanctions against countries importing Iranian oil when the waivers expire in early May.