TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The US regime is in no position to advocate human rights, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in response to the accusations made by his American counterpart, saying the issue of human rights has tuned into a commodity for Washington.

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In a statement on Wednesday, Abbas Mousavi dismissed the comments by US Department of State Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus who has accused Iran of crackdown on women advocating for their human rights.

“It has become clear to the entire world that the US regime does not believe in human rights and has no moral credibility or legitimacy to interfere in such issues either,” he added.

Decrying the US State Department’s “shameful silence” on the execution and crucifixion of 37 Saudi citizens by the Riyadh regime, Mousavi said such muted response reveals that the US stances on human rights, which once served as “political tools” for Washington, have now turned into a purchasable commodity.

“The US economic terrorism against a nation through blind sanctions is the greatest and broadest violation of the human’s economic and social rights,” the Iranian spokesman added.

Denouncing the US government’s “dark record” of human rights violation, Mousavi said, “The constant violation of rights of racial and religious minorities inside the US, the export of arms worth billions (of dollars) for the massacre of civilians, acts of torture in horrible prisons, and the unilateral imposition of cruel sanctions against the other nations are only part of that record.”

“Iranians do not need America’s hypocritical and warmongering supports,” the spokesman concluded.

His comments came after Ortagus condemned what he called Tehran’s growing crackdown on women advocating for their human rights.

He has also accused Iran of threatening and interrogating women.