A source of emulation, based in Najaf Ashraf, addressing the missionary, called for holding the short-term religious course in Ramadan month.

RNA – Ayatollah Sayyed Muhamad Saeed Hakim, based in Najaf Ashraf, through a message to the second annual conference of the Iraqi missionary and [Friday] prayer leaders, held in Kufa University, stressing the use of the potentials of Ramadan moth, said, “missionaries should hold short-term religious courses during the month of Ramadan in order to reinforce the belief and number of the faithful”.

Hujjat al-Islam Sheikh Sala al-Halafi, reading the message of Ayatollah Hakim, stated, “Muslims should bolster their spiritual, behavioural and social dimensions through distance from the wrong, proper interaction with family members and the society”.

It should be mentioned that the custodians of the holy shrines and Iraqi officials attended the said conference and presented their views on the need for seminaries in the period of propagation”.

Rasa News Agency


Source by [Rasa News Agency]