TEHRAN, Jan. 03 (Press Shia) – A total of 91 Members of Parliament (MPs), in a statement on Tue. morning, said execution of Sheikh Nimr demonstrated depth of Saudi Arabia’s irresponsibility.

On the occasion of the execution anniversary of Shia prominent cleric Sheikh Baqir Nimr al-Nimr, 91 MPs issued a statement calling for reaction of human rights organizations to these crimes.

The full text of the statement which was released at the conclusion of Parliament’s open session is as follows:

On January 02, 2016, in an inhumane act which was contrary to international standards, Saudi government martyred senior and distinguished cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr Mohammad Biqir Nimr. Martyrdom of Sheikh Nimr at a time when extremist and Takfiri terrorists had disturbed comfort and security of the region by threatening peace and stability, manifested the depth of immaturity and imprudence of Saudi rulers.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has taken up an unconstructive role in regional stability in line with intensifying divisions by providing terrorists with covert and over support in addition to attacking and invading Yemen killing innocent people and backing repression of citizens of other countries.

Once again, while condemning execution of Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr by Saudi government, we urge human rights organizations and institutions to avoid dual and contradictory behaviors towards Saudi Arabia’s inhumane crimes and carry out their moral and legal duty by slamming these acts.