Rasa – The Representative of Ayatollah al-Sistani inaugurated the Imam Hasan Mosque and ‎Husayniyah in Sweden.‎

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Murtadha al-Kashmiri, the representative of Grand Ayatollah ‎Sayyid Ali al-Sistani ‎in Europe, ‎inaugurated the Imam Hasan Mosque and Husayniyah in ‎Sweden in the presence of Muslims in this country and some European countries.‎

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the mosque and husayniyah, the prominent Shi’ah cleric ‎‎ said, “Ayatollah al-Sistani has paid special attention to such centres because they publish ‎Muhammadi culture in these countries.”‎
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Arguing that the administrators of the centres must pay particular attention to the youth, ‎Hujjat al-Islam al-Kashmiri‎ argued, “The supreme authority in Najaf gives special emphasis ‎on providing the youth with the ideas of the Family of Muhammad, the beliefs and ‎intellectual and moral position of the Infallible Imams.”‎

He continued, “Parents must encourage their children to attend weekend Islamic schools and ‎act on their religious responsibilities.”‎

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