TEHRAN, Jan. 03 (Press Shia Agency) – Parliament speaker has told former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Parliament would support any initiative which brings Iraq stability and security.

Mr. Ali Larijani and Mr. al-Maliki discussed the prospects of bilateral ties in Tuesday evening meeting, where the former hailed cordial ties between two neighbors, and believed that there were still ample capacities for both sides to work to meet bilateral interests.

Lairjani congratulated Iraqi Army and Public Mobilization Forces on Mosul success; “Iraqi Parliament provided grounds for the Forces to enjoy constitutional privileges in addressing pressing security challenges in Iraq,” he told al-Maliki.

He denounced supporters of terrorism in Syrian situation as the ugly face of hypocrisy, where petty regimes only worked to help Zionists’ interests in the region; still optimistic, Larijani hailed unity of tribal and ethnic diverse groups as a cement which would consolidate the political atmosphere and provide a ballast for the country in fighting terrorism.

Mr. al-Maliki for his part expressed gratitude for Iran’s support for Iraq and Syria; “Iran had been the sole regional power unwavering in offering help and effectively contributing to battle against terrorism; however, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, destructive as their role had been in Iraq and Syria, have tasted bitterness of the defeat of efforts to disintegrate Iraq,” he added.

“The current level of success against ISIL is a feat for Iraqi Army and we will be grateful to God for this; no less important in terms of international issues is the necessity that both countries maintain regular contacts to address pressing issues in the region,” Nouri al-Maliki suggested.