Rasa – The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom said that man must not ‎make excuses on the path of worship and said, “We must not consider the problems caused ‎by our inaccurate performance to Islam and the ‎Islamic Revolution.”‎ ‎

RNA – Speaking at the second session of a series of discussions on Quranic commentary ‎that held at Qom’s Salmasi Mosque, Ayatollah Mohsen Faqihi, a member of the Society of ‎Seminary Teachers of Qom, referred to verse 68 of the chapter “al-Baqarah” [The Cow] and ‎discussed the excuses of the Children of Israel, saying, “From the beginning, the Children of ‎Israel ‎made excuses. Today, we also see that these people are a nefarious people.”‎
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Referring to the story of the Children of Israel’s golden calf and said, “Today, we see that ‎some people who commit a crime, with various statements and advertisements, consider ‎themselves outside the assembly of criminals. For example, a person who steals always ‎objects to charges of embezzlement and robbery.”‎

He noted, “We must know that the root of many of the dangers and crimes that occur in ‎society come back to ourselves. Therefore, today we must not put the criterion of ‎truthfulness in the language of the people because the language of the people doesn’t ‎express the truth.”‎
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Noting that speaking must be accompanied by action, Ayatollah Faqihi‎ emphasized, “Today, ‎we must not accept words easily but we must put words together with actions and by ‎measuring them both together, we have the right to speak. In the societies of today many ‎words have been spoken but what is less noticeable is action.”‎

His Eminence stated that the Quranic recommendations were made for a person to learn ‎lessons and added, “We must study the Quranic stories and work on them with lessons so ‎we won’t suffer from moral deviations and so that we’ll be on the path to servitude.”‎

Referring to the fact that man has to act on the command of the God and not make excuses ‎on the path of servitude, he said, “When a person realizes his duties of servitude, he must ‎not preach, but without delay, must perform his duty of worship.” ‎

Ayatollah Faqihi said that the believer must speak and act in accordance with each other and ‎added, “Today, everyone must be mindful of the weak and the disadvantaged with their ‎actions.”‎

He stated that we must know that the commands of Islam have no defect, “The problems ‎of today are the result of our own inaccurate performance. We must not consider the ‎problems caused by our inaccurate performance on the commands of Islam because the ‎commands of Islam are not defective and if we act on them, undoubtedly, we will be on the ‎path to excellence and growth.”‎

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