TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed reports that it was opposed to a bill that grants citizenship right to children born to an Iranian mother.

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In a statement on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi strongly rejected reports about the ministry’s opposition to a parliamentary bill that allows Iranian citizen mothers to convey citizenship to their children.

He said the Foreign Ministry has been itself a main initiator and supporter of the parliamentary bill, which has been proposed by the administration and overwhelmingly ratified by the lawmakers.

Iran’s Parliament on Sunday passed the bill granting citizenship right to children born to an Iranian mother and a foreign father.

The law, which is considered a major breakthrough, would give tens of thousands of children access to social and health care services.

As per the new law, thousands of children born to Iranian mothers abroad and inside the country will enjoy the right of a citizen enshrined in the Civil Rights Law of Iran.