Rasa – The revered source of emulation ‎said that the issue of the hypocrites must not be ‎taken lightly and add, “In the Islamic Republic, we have seen the dangers of the hypocrites ‎that we haven’t seen ‎from the disbelievers and foreign enemies.‎”‎

RNA – Speaking at the fifth session of a series of discussions on the exegesis of the Holy ‎Quran held at Qom’s Hojjatieh Seminary, Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani said out that in Surah al-‎Baqarah there are two verses regarding ‎the disbelievers and about twelve verses regarding ‎the hypocrites and said, “This is because the danger posed by the hypocrites is greater than ‎the danger posed by the disbelievers.”‎
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The revered source of emulation emphasized that the danger posed by internal hypocrites is ‎far greater than the danger posed by foreign enemies and said, “The disbelief of the enemies ‎is known and the believers can easily confront them but the hypocrites appear in the ‎clothing of friends and they have an inner hostility. For the same reason, they have imposed ‎a greater danger.”‎

Stating that some exegists of the Quran ‎have said that about two thousand verses of the ‎Quran about the hypocrites have been revealed, Ayatollah Sobhani noted, “In the Islamic ‎Republic, we have seen the dangers of the hypocrites that we haven’t seen from the ‎disbelievers and foreign enemies. The issue of the hypocrites must not be taken lightly.” ‎

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom stated that believing in God and on the Day of ‎Resurrection makes mankind lovers in the cause of God and said, “The true believers go to ‎the frontlines of jihad without any excuses but the hypocrites always seek excuses and they ‎refuse to go to the frontlines of jihad.”‎
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Referring to the fact that the hypocrites are always trying to stage the scenes, he said, “That ‎the hypocrites were near at the Prophet Muhammad during the Battle of Tabuk and received ‎permission to stay in Madinah for false pretenses because there is no need for any kind of ‎istikharah [prayer in which one asks God for guidance] in good work and the believer doesn’t ‎hesitate to engage in jihad on the way of God. Moreover, if you intend to go to war, you ‎seek the preparation of equipment and personnel as much as possible before obtaining ‎permission.”‎

Ayatollah Sobhani continued, “If the hypocrites went to the Battle of Tabuk, they would ‎have weakened the will of the Muslims which would have led to the defeat of the Islamic ‎army. Some Muslim people were impulsive and influenced by the words of the hypocrites. ‎For this reason, the Prophet granted them permission to stay in Madinah.”‎

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