TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Ambassador to Britain Hamid Baeedinejad said Europe should do more to stand up to the US violation of the 2015 nuclear deal and live up to its obligations.

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“Iran has been implementing all its obligations, but the other sides have not been implementing their obligations and that’s a situation that cannot continue in this manner,” Baeedinejad said in an interview with Sky News on Tuesday.

“So Iran wanted to give a very important signal that things should be rectified and should be redressed,” the ambassador said, referring to Tehran’s decision to halt honoring certain commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a warning.

He further played down the prospect of a military confrontation in the Middle East, stressing, however, that Iranian armed forces are “fully ready for any eventuality in the region.”

“Don’t test us,” Baeedinejad said in reaction to escalating saber-rattling from US President Donald Trump’s administration.

“While we have renounced any escalation in the region, I would assure you that Iranian armed forces are fully ready for any eventuality in the region, so they should not try to test the determination of Iran to confront any escalation in the region,” he underlined.

His comments came after Trump warned Iran that “if they do anything, they will suffer greatly”. But the Iranian ambassador said that his government did not believe Trump was serious about threatening war and was not worried by his comments.

“I think part of this is theatrical manoeuvres by the US,” he said.

“Our analysis is they, (or) at least President Trump, doesn’t want to engage in military confrontation with Iran because of how costly it will be for the US and for the region,” Baeedinejad stressed.

Dismissing the allegations that Iran may have had a role in mysterious sabotage attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates or a series of drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations, the ambassador said he believed his country was being wrongly framed for the attacks and not for the first time.

“We totally reject this,” he stated, adding, “It is very suspicious to us and we hope an international fact finding mission could really find the reasons for these sabotages which are really suspicious to us.”

On the reports of imprisonment of an Iranian national for spying for Britain, the envoy said he was waiting for more details about the latest case, but stood by his country’s prosecution of suspected spies.

“If anyone contravenes the law or has a relationship with the secret services or intelligence services, they should expect to face the law,” Baeedinejad underscored.

Iran’s Judiciary on Monday sentenced an Iranian national to 10 years in prison for spying for Britain.

The convict, who was in charge of the ‘Iran desk’ at the British Council, has confessed to have been recruited by and cooperating with the so-called cultural council of the UK and having received trainings from the UK secret service to carry out cultural projects in Iran.