Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Abdullah Saleh said, “As long as power is in the hands of the Al ‎Khalifah, discourse on political reform isn’t possible because the treachery of this dynasty ‎has become clear to the nation.”‎

RNA – In an exclusive interview with the Rasa News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Abdullah Saleh, ‎the deputy general-secretary of Bahrain’s Islamic Action Society, referred to the harsh ‎attacks by the Al Khalifah regime on Ayatollah Sayyid Abdullah al-Ghurayfi and added, ‎‎“Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi ‎is a well-known figure among the Bahraini people and the Al Khalifah ‎regime. He’s one of the great religious scholars in Bahrain. However, a number of Salafis and ‎their allies in this country, who are always against the people and their rights. As they rose ‎up against them to spread sedition among the people, they planted the seeds of hatred ‎among the people of this country.”‎

Regarding about the possibility of the Al Khalifah regime repeating the scenario of Ayatollah ‎Isa Qasim, the deputy general secretary of the Bahraini Islamic Association said, “I think the ‎regime isn’t able to distance Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi ‎from the political and social scene of ‎Bahrain because he’s renowned for moderation and tries to raise issues which are against the ‎regime. Although there are some who are opposed to him and are trying to attribute ‎revolutionary tendencies to him, the whole process is that the Bahraini people and their ‎scholars are demanding the fulfillment of the demands which are their right that Ayatollah ‎Qasim has recently emphasized the impossibility of denying them.”‎

He said, “Although there are two discourses of political reform and revolutionary action in ‎Bahrain, it must be said that as long as power is in the hands of the Al Khalifah, it cannot ‎enter through the discourse of political reform because the treachery of this family for the ‎Bahraini people, who all agree on the realization of their rightful claims, has become clear. ‎The regime doesn’t care about these demands.” ‎

Hujjat al-Islam Saleh referred to the possibility of the influence of the support for Ayatollah ‎Qasim ‎from Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi on the position of the Al Khalifah regime and said, “All ‎Bahraini religious scholars, including Ayatollah Qasim, support Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi, and the ‎recent support for Ayatollah Qasim continues to emphasize the rightful demands of the ‎Bahraini people, which he emphasized in a statement issued two weeks ago. Therefore, his ‎support for Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi cannot lead to greater pressure from the regime and the ‎comprehensive point of all this support from Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi is the realization of the ‎demands of the Bahraini people.”‎



Source by [Rasa News Agency]