Rasa – Referring to the greatness of Lady Khadijah’s character, the teacher of mysticism and ‎ethics‎ in the Islamic Seminary said, “She was the first to believe in the guardianship of Imam ‎Ali and the angel of revelation always conveyed the greetings of God to her.”‎

RNA – Speaking at Kamarzarin Mosque in Esfahan, Ayatollah Mohammad Naseri, a teacher ‎of mysticism and ethics in the Islamic Seminary, said that Lady Khadijah bint Khuwaylid has ‎done much for the Shi’ahs and said, “The first complete woman and the first person who ‎believed in Imam Ali and his guardianship was Khadijah and she always sacrificed for this ‎guardianship. In Sahih al-Bukhari, it has been narrated that the Angel Gabriel revealed to the ‎Prophet Muhammad, while he was busy farming outside of Madinah, that ‘Khadijah will bring ‎food to you and conveys the greetings of God to her. Whenever, I want to send you a ‎revelation, God conveys His greetings ‎to Khadijah and I also convey my greetings to her. ‎

He further noted that the Khadijah had a very high position and there are detailed narrations ‎about her position and value. Her father was Khuwaylid, her mother was Fatimah and her ‎teknonym was Umm Hind. In regard to her virtues, Sunni scholars have also pointed to ‎various verses of the Quran and several narrations have been mentioned in this regard.”‎
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Ayatollah Naseri continued, “Before Khadijah became a Muslim, she was famous for her ‎wealth, power, greatness and rationality and had the nickname ‘Malakah’ meaning ‘Queen.’ ‎Mubarakah, Tahirah, Aqilah, Kamilah, Zahidah and Mujahidah were among her nicknames. ‎After his death, the Prophet always remembered Khadijah. One day Aishah spoke to the ‎Prophet of God, ‘Why do you always remember Khadijah in the house, while God has given ‎you someone better than her?’ the Prophet replied, “Because Khadijah was the first person ‎among the women who believed in me and the first person who gave her property to the ‎orphans was Khadijah.”‎
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He stated that Prophet Muhammad had a great love for Khadijah and she was always with ‎the Prophet. Many of Khadijah’s sacrifices have been recorded on the path of Islam but she ‎never had an obligation to Islam, the Muslims and the Prophet.”‎
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Ayatollah Naseri said, “At the end of her life, Khadijah said to Fatimah al-Zahra said, ‘I ‎sacrificed all my life and property in the cause of Islam and I couldn’t afford to prepare a ‎shroud for myself. If it’s possible, take a cloak from the Prophet of God for me as I’m afraid ‎of the punishment of grave and the Hereafter. Fatimah al-Zahra mentioned this to the ‎Prophet and he gave his own cloak ‎but the angel of revelation, Gabriel, descended upon the ‎Prophet and said: ‘God has said that Khadijah has given everything that she has in the path ‎of God. Now her shroud is with us and we give her a heavenly shroud.’”‎

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