TEHRAN (Press Shia) – It is the international community’s duty to save the 2015 nuclear deal and normalize Iran’s economic relations if the JCPOA is really perceived as a major achievement, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

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Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in Beijing on Friday, Zarif reiterated the necessity for practical measures by the international community to save the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the multilateral nuclear deal from which the US withdrew in 2018.

On the purpose of his visit to China, the top Iranian diplomat said, “China is one of the most important partners of the Islamic Republic, both our political partner and a very close economic partner and is also a remaining party to the JCPOA.”

“It is important that in this new stage, we hold close consultations with China, particularly about the recent developments, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s decision about exercising its rights under the JCPOA’s Article 36, and also to talk about the bilateral ties, and about the very hazardous issues that are today taking place in our region,” he added.

Asked about the results of his negotiations with the other countries about the JCPOA before visiting China, Zarif said, “Our negotiations was more aimed at announcing the conditions and at consultations. Saving the JCPOA is a duty of the international community. If the international community perceives the JCPOA as a major achievement, then it will have to take practical measures, like Iran, to preserve the JCPOA.”

“So far, the international community has made comments and issued statements rather than practical measures. Practical measures is quite clear, the status of Iran’s economic relations must be normalized. It is a measure explicitly stipulated in the JCPOA, and the UNSC Resolution 2231 points to the very same subject. Therefore, if the international community, the other JCPOA members and our friends in the JCPOA, such as China and Russia, are swilling to save this achievement, it is necessary that their practical measures would allow Iran and Iranian people to enjoy the JCPOA benefits,” he concluded.

Zarif travelled to Russia, Turkmenistan, India and Japan before visiting China. He is going to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday evening.