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The Supreme Council of the Seminary‎ benefits from the thoughts of young seminarians

Rasa – The new head of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Seminary considered ‎the use of the thoughts and ideas of the young and elite of the Islamic Seminary as the ‎command of the Supreme Leader.‎

RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Hoseyn Rahimian-‎Movahed, the new head of the secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Seminary, spoke ‎about this council’s utilization of the thoughts and ideas of young seminarians and teachers in ‎the Islamic Seminary and stated, “This, incidentally, is an issue which was recently raised by ‎the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] and he considered this a ‎good and necessary thing.”‎
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His Eminence added, “Of course, this was done before, and I have also seen the issue in the ‎resolutions of the Supreme Council of the Seminary. Therefore, attention to the thought and ‎ideas of the seminarians and elites of the Islamic Seminary is different in from that of the ‎past but was made more in the form of unofficial work.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Rahimian-Movahed‎ that there will be new plans for this issue and ‎emphasized, “We hope that in the new period, this will be done formally, with better and ‎more comprehensive organization, and will achieve better results.” ‎

His Eminence said, “However, this is one of the things that the Supreme Leader has paid ‎attention to and it’s also something that leads to new thoughts and the discussion among ‎young people, who at the same time as they are educated, have entered into the interior ‎and body of the Islamic Seminary, and educated seminarians feel that they are present in ‎their own discipline.”‎

He said that by doing so, the Supreme Council of the Seminary‎ will value young students’ ‎thoughts in a greater manner and added, “That a seminarian can understand his thoughts and ‎opinions in his discipline of interest is an important work and naturally leads to the growth ‎and prosperity of the seminary.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Rahimian-Movahed stressed, “This work must be performed in a better ‎manner than before because this is the discussion that the seminarians, teachers and elites ‎know of the Supreme Council of the Seminary and they must not consider this council as ‎strange. This is a necessary work and we must pursue it.” ‎

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