Rasa – The revered source of emulation stated that recognizing God, seeking God and ‎dependence ‎on God are part of human nature and stated, “Dependence on God isn’t ‎considered ‎alienation from the self but is like a reference to oneself.”‎

RNA – Speaking at the fifteenth session of a series of discussions on the exegesis of the ‎Holy ‎Quran held at Qom’s Hojjatieh Seminary, Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani ‎explained and ‎interpreted verse 67 of Surah al-Tawbah, wherein God Almighty says: “The hypocrites, men ‎and women, are all alike: they bid what is wrong and forbid what is right; and are tight-fisted. ‎They have forgotten God, so He has forgotten them. The hypocrites are indeed the ‎transgressors.”‎

The revered source of emulation and said, “Materialists believe that any dependence on ‎others is a kind of alienation of oneself. Therefore, man must not depend on God because ‎this kind of dependence causes alienation from himself.”‎

He stated that recognizing God, seeking God and dependence on God are part of human ‎nature and stated, “Dependence on God isn’t considered alienation from the self but is like a ‎reference to oneself.”‎

Ayatollah Sobhani ‎added, “Human beings have different dimensions and tendencies, such as ‎knowledge, morality, beauty and metaphysical. Scholars and academics have proven that ‎humanity has so far gone through 17 civilizations and in every civilization there is a tendency ‎towards worship, spirituality and seeking that which is beyond the natural laws of the ‎universe [metaphysics].”‎

The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom emphasized that the materialists ‎neglected the tendency of man to seek that which is beyond, adding, “If a person looks at ‎the nature of humanity through the lenses of materialism, he can’t see the truth of servitude ‎and the beauty of the universe.”‎
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He pointed out, “God Almighty in this verse mentions humanity in regard to its tendencies ‎beyond and emphasized that God forgetting God leads to the forgetfulness of the self. ‎Therefore, if a person doesn’t pay attention to the God and forgets Him, in fact, he has ‎forgotten his existential reality.”‎
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Ayatollah Sobhani ‎further stated that in the Holy Quran, God Almighty explained the stories ‎of the prophets of the past to teach lessons and said, “Man must always look at the stories ‎of the people of the past and take lessons from them and not carry out the mistakes that ‎they have committed in order to attain a degree of closeness to God Almighty.”‎
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Referring to the fact that man must perform his actions in a sincere manner and for the sake ‎of God in order for them to be effective in the Hereafter, His Eminence ‎stressed, “We must ‎strive so that our actions benefit us in the world and the hereafter and avoid hypocritical ‎actions because insincere ‎and hypocritical acts cause losses in this world and in the afterlife ‎and cause us to have no provisions in the Hereafter.”‎

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