Rasa – Ayatollah Faqihi ‎said that treachery was a feature of the arrogant powers and said, ‎‎“The United States doesn’t accept or adhere to any treaty.”‎

RNA – Speaking at the sixteenth session of a series of discussions on Quranic commentary ‎‎that held at Qom’s Salmasi Mosque, Ayatollah Mohsen Faqihi ‎referred to verse 84 of Surah ‎al-Baqarah wherein God says, “And when We took a pledge from you, [saying]: ‘You shall ‎not shed your [own people’s] blood, and you shall not expel your folks from your homes,’ ‎you pledged, and you testify [to this pledge of your ancestors].”‎

The member of the Society of ‎Seminary Teachers of Qom stated, “In this verse, God ‎Almighty and the Prophet Moses signed a covenant with the Children of Israel that they ‎would not shed a person’s blood or displace others from their homeland.”‎

He said that in all heavenly religions, killing and the shedding of blood have been condemned ‎and added, “If someone kills an innocent person, it’s as if he has killed all people.”‎
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Ayatollah Faqihi stated, “In Islam, great emphasis has been placed on the undesirability of ‎war and bloodshed and if war has also taken place, it was to defend the homeland and ‎Islam.”‎
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Emphasizing that the protection of the homeland and borders of the country is a very ‎important issue in Islamic teachings, His Eminence said, “Moses told the Children of Israel ‎‎‘do not displace someone in life and seizing someone’s homeland is taken is the greatest ‎wrongdoing.”‎
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The teacher in the Islamic Seminary referred to nationalism and patriotism as among the ‎important recommendations of Islam to Muslims and added, “The homeland of every human ‎being must be protected for him. No one has the right to attack someone else’s homeland ‎and we are ready to sacrifice our lives for our homeland and the borders of Islam.”‎

Ayatollah Faqihi ‎considered the lack of independence and dependence on others on the ‎factors of the defeat of the rulers and added, “In the past, those parts of Iran, such as ‎Bahrain, were separated from the country and this was a great treason for the people of the ‎future.”‎

His Eminence said that the Children of Israel were traitors and said, “Today, the United ‎States doesn’t accept or adhere to any treaty. In this regard, the Zionist regime is worse ‎than the United State. The United Nations issues resolutions against the Israeli usurpers but ‎they don’t pay any attention to these resolutions.”‎
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He further emphasized the importance of the Layali al-Qadr (the Nights of Power) and the ‎necessity of taking advantage of these days, and stated, “Worship on the Night of Power is ‎equal to the worship of 83 years.”‎
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Ayatollah Faqihi ‎added that paying attention to worship along with academic issues was very ‎valuable during these days and added, “The most important action in these days is not to sin ‎because in everything that God has prohibited, there is definitely something corrupt in it.”‎

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