TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (Press Shia Agency) – A statement by Foreign Ministry on Thursday has voiced discontent about some Judiciary officials’ remarks on Zanjani’s case where the ministry had not received fair judgement.

The statement believes that the Foreign Ministry had been sparing no diplomatic and administrative corridors in helping address Judiciary’s requests in facilitating their foreign visits and had waged efforts to fully cooperate with the Judiciary in Zanjani’s case; however, recently, some remarks by the Judiciary officials communicate the attitude by the Judiciary that the Foreign Ministry had been lax and irresponsible in dealing with grave matters as Babak Zanjani’s case of oil corruption.

The Thursday statement is an attempt to provide some enlightenment of the Ministry’s inherent and conventional duties upon which it had been adhered out of call of the duty; “Ministry has done its best in facilitating processes in diplomatic corridors and where it had a cutting edge; however, in providing ‘intelligence information’ to the Judiciary, the rules of conduct in the Ministry would prevent escapades to that realm which belonged to the territory of Ministry of Intelligence; the government had suggested that the Ministry of Intelligence contribute to the case, but yet nothing had been done to seek the Ministry’s service for unknown reasons,” emphasized the statement.

“The remarks would not be piercing for the Ministry, but they however seem surprising in the view of our regular contribution to the Judiciary, including in Zanjani’s case; no other ‘unconventional demand’ would be accepted by the Judiciary, since the Ministry acts according to its internationally accepted norms of conduct for foreign ministries around the world,” it complained.