The member of the seminary’s society of teachers, saying that jealousy is followed by ostentatious display of the faith, mentioned, “Good deed along with pure heartfelt belief provides the man with value and credit.

RNA, Ayatollah Mohsen Faqihi, a member of Qom Seminary’s society of teachers, in his 20th Quran interpretation session in Salmasi mosque of Qom, dealing with the verse no. 90 of Baqara Surah said, “Jealousy was one of the maladies making the Jews renounce the prophet of Islam (S).”

He added, “Jealousy is an attribute possible to lead the man to baseness and abjection, it is the cause and origin of many other ugly deeds, it can also push the man towards the loss of life.”

Ayatollah Faqihi continued, “The good deed, along with pure and heartfelt belief, provides the man with value and credit. The firm faith and proper deeds are the principal criteria of the good servants of God.”

Finally he said, “Jealousy leads to ostentatious display of the faith. If it is not controlled, it ruins the faith and belief of the man.”

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]