TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned the US government’s policy of trade war with China as an instance of economic terrorism, saying Washington’s attempt to impose political considerations on economic facts would have damaging impacts on world economy and the gross world product.

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Asked about Iran’s stances on the escalating trade war between the US and China, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi told reporters on Monday, “The trade war between China and the US, which has been among the major international challenges over the past months, entails dimensions and consequences that could go beyond the level of bilateral ties between those two countries and have targeted the development and welfare of people of the world.”

“The tension-creating and crisis-generating attitude of Mr. Trump’s administration has been obvious not only in the irresponsible pullout from international agreements, such as the deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the (Group) 5+1 over the nuclear issue, and in the imposition of illegal and unilateral sanctions against nations, but also in the case of the trade war with China,” he added.

“According to this approach, the US deals with China with an attitude of excessive demands and tries to impose political considerations on economic facts,” Mousavi said, adding that Iran condemns this US policy as a type of economic terrorism.

“Statistics and analyses indicate that the US government’s approach that has caused the formation of this trade war with China can reduce up to $600 billion from the global gross domestic product within the next two years, which spells the spread of poverty and decrease of welfare and drop in living standards across the world,” the spokesman deplored.

“Therefore, it is necessary for the US government to make serious revisions to its stance on international trends and how to face the realities such as the elevating power of other actors and relative decline of US power in the world,” Mousavi stated.

“We believe that the US attempt to maintain its previous position by imposing unconventional costs on others is doomed to failure and does not correspond with the international pyramid of power given the current fast developments,” he concluded.