Rasa – The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom issued a statement commemorating the ‎death anniversary of Imam Khomeyni and the 15th of Khordad uprising and considered the ‎move towards the ideas of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution and the guardianship ‎as the cause of the prosperity of the country.‎

RNA – The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom has issued a statement to mark the death ‎anniversary of the late Imam Khomeyni, the founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, who died ‎on June 3, 1989.‎

The text of this statement is as follows:‎

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The 14th of Khordad [3rd of June] represents the bond and attachment of the Iranian nation ‎to the great Imam. This day is a reminder of the mourning of the Islamic ummah during the ‎separation and farewell following death of the righteous servant of God, Imam Khomeyni. ‎We commemorate the grief over the absence of this great and rare man who, with his ‎strong faith, honesty and purity, raised the flag of rising up against oppression and darkness ‎and the valuable legacy of the Islamic Revolution. The Great Khomeyni, the believer of God ‎and the people, brought religion to the scene of power and sovereignty and presented ‎independence, freedom and faith to the people of Iran.‎

Adherence to the basic values of Islam, wakefulness and vigilance in recognizing the enemies ‎and the protection of national unity, which is the truth of the thought of Imam Khomeyni, ‎and revolutionary actions and the jihadi movement will strengthen and secure us from ‎deviation and error and is the light of the path of the Islamic Ummah in the great jihad ‎against the arrogant powers.‎
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The Imam’s school of thought, is a school of thought of religion, justice and rationality. ‎These important elements brought the Islamic Revolution to the maturity of its fortieth ‎anniversary. Today, in the light of the special attention of Hadhrat Wali al-Asr [Imam al-‎Mahdi] and the assertions of Ayatollah Khamenei, Imam Khomeyni’s divine thinking is alive in ‎the Islamic Revolution and his lasting legacy waves the flag of our Islamic identity and power ‎and our revolution in the world of oppression and darkness. Undoubtedly, the continuation ‎of the movement of Imam Khomeyni’s thoughts and conduct on the path of guardianship ‎will make us successful and prosperous as we take steps in the second phase of the Islamic ‎Revolution more.‎
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The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom ‎offers its condolences on the thirtieth anniversary ‎of the death of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution and remembers the martyrs of the ‎divine and popular insurrection of the 15th of Khordad 1342 [the 5th of June, 1963] and ‎invites everyone to participate passionately in the ceremonies being held for this purpose.‎

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be with you,‎
Mohammad Yazdi ‎
Head of the Supreme Council of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom ‎


Source by [Rasa News Agency]