Rasa – The member of the Society of ‎Seminary Teachers of Qom emphasized the necessity ‎of revitalizing and strengthening the culture of “enjoining the good ‎and forbidding the wrong” ‎in society.‎

RNA – Speaking at the twenty-third session of a series of discussions on the commentary of ‎‎the Holy Quran ‎‎‎that were held at Qom’s Salmasi Mosque, Ayatollah Mohsen Faqihi ‎referred ‎to ‎verse 91 of Surah al-Baqarah, which says, ‘And when they are told, ‘Believe in what God ‎has sent down,’ they say, ‘We believe in what was sent down to us,’ and they disbelieve ‎what is besides it, though it is the truth confirming what is with them. Say, ‘Then why would ‎you kill the prophets of God formerly, should you be faithful?’”‎

In regard to this verse, the member of the Society of ‎Seminary Teachers of Qom‎ said, “Man ‎must always act in such a way that he doesn’t suffer from obstinacy.”‎

Referring to the fact that the Jewish people refused to accept Islam due to their racism, he ‎stated, “When the Jews heard the call of Islam, they said that we believe in the book and ‎the religion which was revealed for us [the Torah] but we don’t believe in the book that was ‎revealed for the Arabs [the Quran].”‎
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Ayatollah Faqihi ‎pointed out, “The Jewish people denied the Holy Quran, while this scripture ‎confirms the Torah. Therefore, it must be said that these people have denied the truth ‎because of their carnal desires, racism, love of this world and worldly positions.”‎
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The teacher in the Islamic Seminary considered the killing of prophets and the denial of truth ‎as the hallmarks of the Jewish people, and emphasized, “True faith must be combined with ‎action because human language may express belief but this statement isn’t combined with ‎action. Therefore, the criterion for recognizing true believers is the extent to which they are ‎subject to divine rules.”‎
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He emphasized the necessity of revitalizing and strengthening the culture of “enjoining the ‎good and forbidding the wrong” in society and noted, “If a person is silent in the face of ‎corruption, he has committed sins. If people protest against corruption and are firm in their ‎protests, without a doubt, corruption will be prevented in the country.’‎

Ayatollah Faqihi ‎considered it the duty of the believers to stand up against wrongdoing and ‎corruption, and added, “If we don’t resist against wrongdoing and corruption, society will ‎undoubtedly be filled with wrongdoings and corruption.”‎

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