Rasa – The al-Wefaq National Islamic Society ‎responded to the Al Khalifah regime’s threats ‎of prosecution of the followers of the pages of revolutionaries on social media networks and ‎‎“This regime is superior to all other regimes ‎in regard to its oppression and tyranny‎‎.”‎

RNA – In a statement, Bahrain’s Al Khalifah regime announced that no Bahraini citizen has ‎the right to pursue user accounts which oppose the government. ‎

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior stated in a statement that anyone who follows ‎‎“revolutionaries” or follows pages on social networks which are not authorized by the ‎government would be prosecuted.‎
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In response to the statement, the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, a banned Shi’ah ‎Bahraini political party, said that the Al Khalifah regime is superior to all other regimes ‎in ‎regard to its oppression and tyranny.‎
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al-Wefaq stated that Al Khalifah’s report card is full of unjust trials, obvious discrimination ‎and lack of respect for human rights and freedom of expression.‎
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Amnesty International recently announced in a report that the Al Khalifah regime prohibits ‎any public protest in this country, as well as the formation of groups and societies, and that ‎the implementation of legal reforms in Bahrain leads to greater limitations for the Shi’ahs and ‎continues to punish the citizens of this country and the regime has revoked the citizenship ‎hundreds of Bahraini citizens.‎

Since 2011, when a popular uprising began against Al Khalifah regime, Manama has ‎prosecuted hundreds of anti-regime protesters in mass trials and banned main opposition ‎groups as a part of a heavy-handed crackdown aimed at stifling opposition voices.‎

During the past seven years, thousands of anti-regime protesters have continued ‎demonstrating across the Persian Gulf country on an almost daily basis, demanding that the ‎Al Khalifah regime relinquish power and allow a just system representing all Bahrainis, most ‎of whom Shi’ah Muslims, to be established.‎

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