The teacher of Qom Seminary said, “Imam Khomeini rose against Taghut awaking the consciences and directed the revolution towards victory.”

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Rafiee, in the Quran reciting session, held in Imam Khomeini pray room of the holy shrine, pointing to Ibrahim’s breaking the idols, stated, “Quran points to 9 idols worshipped by different groups and people.”

The faculty member of Jamia al-Mustafa University added, “Idols could be made of stones or wood. When the mundane desires and lust are followed by the man, it is another type of Taghut. Worshipping Taghut is a sign of idol-worshipping in the present societies. The act of following Taghut, mundane desires and lust can push the man towards destruction, and if the man doesn’t stand against his mundane desires and lust, s/he will be soon ruined.”

The faculty member of Jamia al-Mustafa University finally maintained, “Imam Khomeini managed to rise and stand against the Taghut via awakening the people, and his movements finally achieved the victory.”

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]