TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – A newly-released video shows two Cuyahoga County Jail officers in the US state of Ohio brutally beating a restrained black inmate back in March of this year.

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Authorities released video of an officer in Cleveland beating a restrained inmate after turning off his body camera.

Cuyahoga County corrections officers Nicholas Evans and Timothy Dugan are both seen repeatedly punching the inmate, Terrance Debose, during the March 2018 incident, the Hill reported.

Debose was removed from his jail cell and taken into isolation via wheelchair for unknown reasons.

Video from inside the isolation cell captures Evans speaking with the inmate before appearing to switch off the body camera attached to his chest.

Evans then immediately strikes Debose on the face several times.

Dugan enters the frame and also hits Debose, who was struck so severely that he suffered a concussion.

A health care technician later enters the isolation cell, but it is unclear if they are aware of the incident.

Evans and Dugan were indicted by a grand jury in April on charges of felonious assault, unlawful restraint and interfering with civil rights for the incident. Evans was additionally charged with tampering with evidence.

The Cuyahoga County Jail has faced numerous scandals in recent months.

Another video released on Tuesday showed an inmate collapse from an overdose at the jail and be ignored for more than two hours before dying at a hospital.

Two now-indicted corrections officers were seen in video released last month punching a woman, who also tied up in a restraint chair, and using pepper foam spray directly in her eyes.