The head of office of Ayatollah sheikh Bashir Najafi described Imam Khomeini as a unique leader and mystic.

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Ali Najafi, the son and head of office of Ayatollah Najafi, a source of emulation, based in Najaf Ashraf,  in the gathering held on the anniversary of decease of Imam Khomeini in Imam al-Hassan al-Mujtaba Hussainia in Najaf Ashraf, participated by the representatives of the sources of emulation, Friday prayer leaders, politicians and religious and social figures, said, “Imam Khomeini was a unique teacher, mentor and an adroit jurisprudent (Faqih) in all areas of knowledge, the supporter of the seminary in the most difficult situations, a revolutionary leader, a Heavenly mystic, a philosopher and a combatant politician.”

Pointing to the educational, ethical and religious movement of Imam Khomeini for the direction of the Muslim Ummah to the straight path and training the future generations under the umbrella of the religion of Islam, he reiterated, “In his personal and public life, Imam much endeavoured to maintain piety.”

The head of office of Ayatollah Najafi explained, “Fortunately, Imam Khomeini’s attempts bore multiple fruits, he managed to establish an Islamic system, however his life was not long enough to let him pick those fruit himself.”

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