The specific session on Imam Mahdi (AS) was held in Kufa in the presence of several thinkers from some different countries.

RNA – The specific session on Imam Mahdi (AS) was held in the holy shrine of Muslim ibn Aqil (AS), in the city of Kufa. 

The session was chaired by Ali al-Khursan, the professor of Kufa University of Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Haydar al-Asadi, the professor of the Islamic thought of Kufa University.

Some participants of the session presented speeches in the session, including Hujjat al-Islam Sheikh Hassan Savidan from Lebanon on “the signs of Reappearance, terminology and methodology”, Abd Ali Safih from France on “the philosophy of Expectation”, Mujtaba as-Sada from Saudi Arabia on “al-Mahdawiyya with the civilizational approach”, Sayyed Moosa TAqi al-Khalkhali from Iraq on “the readiness for the Era of Reappearance”, Hujjat al-Islam Kazim –alQura Ghul from Iraq on “the Authenticity of the belief in al-Mahdawiyya”, and Hujjat la-Islam Sheikh Ammar al-Baghdadi from Iraq on “Fitra and the treatment of deviation in al-Mahdawiyya”.

It should be noted that this session was held as a supplement to the ninth International Conference of Imam Hussain’s Emissary.

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