Rasa – The Bahraini Shi’ah leader stated that the whole world is indebted to the martyrs and ‎emphasized that the path of martyrdom continues and that other martyrs will join this school ‎and this path.‎

RNA – The tenth annual memorial to the 128 martyrs of the region of Darvazeh Rey-Qom ‎with the title of “Gate of Communion” was held on the evening of June 12th at the Holy ‎Shrine of Imamzadeh Shah Sayyed Ali in Qom.‎

Ayatollah Isa Qasim, a Bahraini Shi’ah leader who was a special guest at the ceremony, said ‎that the martyrs are lights who enlighten the darkness and added, “Martyrs are for all times ‎and places and aren’t just for a special corner of the world.”‎
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He added that the reason for claiming that martyrs aren’t limited to a certain angle is that the ‎martyr grants his blood for the religion of Islam. When the existence of this earth and time is ‎valuable from the material and spiritual dimension, the religion of Islam is in fact dominating ‎and the martyr was martyred for the religion of Islam and his blood was poured.‎
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The Bahraini Shi’ah leader stated that the whole world is indebted to the martyrs and said, ‎‎“The world is indebted ‎to the martyrs of Iran, just as they are indebted to any martyr who ‎falls to the ground anywhere in the world. Therefore, it’s obligatory to eliminate all the ‎borders that are in front of the martyrs and to continue the path of the martyrs and the ‎martyrs will join this school and this way.‎
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His Eminence regarded Qom as a city which nurtures martyrs and considered this as a source ‎of pride and said, “Being a martyr is a great honour because every drop of blood of a ‎martyr plays a significant role in the revival of religion and our endurance and the entire path ‎we are pursuing is indebted to the first drop of blood and the last drop of blood of the ‎martyrs.”‎

In conclusion, Ayatollah Qasim pointed out, “I congratulate you dear people, not one, two ‎or three times, but forever, that you and your country is the origin and source of the ‎martyrs, and thank you for inviting me.”‎

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