Rasa – The chairman of the Guardian Council said that the enemies are seeking to negotiate ‎through the weapon of economic pressure and noted, “Of course, this conspiracy will be ‎defeated by the Supreme Leader and the vigilance of the officials.”‎

RNA – Speaking during a meeting of the Guardian Council on June 21st, Ayatollah Ahmad ‎Jannati, the chairman of the Guardian Council, said, “Since its establishment, the Islamic ‎Revolution has faced issues and challenges and due to divine grace, the discernment of ‎Imam Khomeyni and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] ‎and the accompaniment of the people, these issues have been overcome.” ‎

The Iranian cleric and politician cited one of these issues as facing the plots and crimes of ‎the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying, “The Americans have used ‎various weapons and means to pressure the Iranian people over the past forty years, all of ‎which have failed.”‎

He emphasized, “Today, they are also seeking to negotiate through the weapon of ‎economic pressure, which will surely be defeated by the discernment ‎of the Supreme Leader ‎and the vigilance of the officials.”‎
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In conclusion, Ayatollah Jannati called on executive officials to pay more attention to the ‎economic situation of the people and vulnerable groups.‎


Source by [Rasa News Agency]