Press Shia – The senior Shi’ah cleric asserted that our problems in life are originated from human ignorance of the afterlife and the resurrection day.

Press Shia – Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli addressed a group of Islamic researchers at Isra International Foundation during his ethics course on Friday, January 6 in Qom, Iran.

At the beginning of the course, Grand Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli congratulated the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Askari, the eleventh Shi’ah Imam, and said, “There is no better moral virtue for mankind than to believe in God. Satan is struggling to interfere with our religious faith. As God has repeatedly said in his Holy Quran, most believers are dealing with issues of religious infidelity either in their beliefs or in actions. These are result of Satan’s temptations.”

The senior Shi’ah cleric further added that our problems in life are originated from human ignorance towards the afterlife and resurrection day and said, “God is the most eminent being. Faith in God is the most important act. Our enemy, Satan, is fighting us to retreat in our resolve and belief in religion. The most valued religious act is considered the act of the greater jihad.”

Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli added, “That is, we must keep in mind this firm belief that this life is temporary and everything in this world is not going to last forever. we are passengers in this world only to be prepared for the hereafter. That’s why all of our problems are caused by this single reason that mankind is ignorant towards the afterlife and the Day of Judgement.”

“A great number of Quranic verses provide proof of monotheism and the resurrection day. If we really believe that our actions in this world will be measured by God in the afterlife, then we will be more cautious about our behaviour,” Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli concluded.