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Qom must be the reference of Islamic science and knowledge in the world

The revered source of emulation ‎said that Qom should be the reference of Islamic ‎knowledge and sciences in the world and noted, “The knowledge that is transmitted from the ‎Islamic Seminaries of Qom must quench the thirst for Islamic knowledge.”‎

RNA – Speaking in a meeting with the dean and deputies of al-Mustafa International ‎University, Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi-Golpaygani commended the plans of this institution ‎and said, “Your plans are very comprehensive in all branches, which is truly a source of hope ‎and pride. Recognize the value of this opportunity and try to take important and great steps ‎towards the lofty goals of Islam.”‎

Referring to narrations that introduce Qom as a reference and source of knowledge in the ‎world, the revered source of emulation added, “We have a narration which states that ‎‎‘knowledge will come out of Qom and be spread to other nations in the East and the West.’ ‎This is an important issue. Qom should be the reference and source of Islamic knowledge ‎and sciences in the world. The knowledge ‎that is exported from the Islamic Seminaries of ‎Qom must quench the thirst for Islamic knowledge and illuminated truths throughout the ‎world.”‎
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Referring to the services of the previous scholars in the field of relations with the academic ‎organizations of the world, Ayatollah Safi-Golpaygani said, “The great scholars, such as ‎Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi, had the wish that we could go everywhere and demonstrate and ‎have the ability to introduce Islam and the wilayah (guardianship) of the Ahl al-Bayt and all ‎praise be to God, organizations, such as al-Mustafa International University, have been able ‎to perform this duty well.”‎

In another part of his speech, His Eminence emphasized on the presence of foreign ‎seminarians in Iran and the Islamic Seminary and said, “It’s a source of pride that ‎seminarians come to Qom from Islamic countries, and even from European countries, to ‎study Islamic sciences and transmit them to the people of the world and to those who are ‎thirsty for the truth and spirituality of Islamic teachings.” ‎

At the end of his visit, Ayatollah Safi-Golpaygani hoped for further success for the people of ‎this important academic centre, he said, “God-willing, all the services that are being carried ‎out to revive the affairs of the Ahl al-Bayt and to promote the enlightened sciences of Islam ‎are accepted and considered as satisfactory by Imam al-Mahdi.”‎

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