Hujjat al-Islam Mahdi Taeb‎ said the main goal for the implementation of the Statement on ‎the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution‎ is the duty of the youth who must enter the ‎battlefield with all power to deliver the statement to the hands of the revolutionaries of the ‎world.‎

RNA – Speaking during one of a series of meetings on a plan to strengthen religious beliefs ‎and theological principles on the issue of the Statement on the Second Step of the Islamic ‎Revolution, Hujjat al-Islam Mahdi Taeb, the chairman of the Central Council of the Ammar ‎Camp, said that this statement is a key and strategic statement and added, “The Supreme ‎Leader worked hard to organize this statement and spent a lot of time doing so. Therefore, ‎he intended that it should be repeatedly studied, analyzed and discussed so that its content ‎is more clearly visible and ultimately it can be established as the light of the future for ‎everyone.”‎
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The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom noted that the intended audience of the ‎Statement of the Statement on the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution‎ wasn’t only the ‎Islamic Republic or the Islamic system and noted, “If the statement is well-studied and ‎analyzed, we will find that its main audience is all the countries of the world and this is a sign ‎of the wide perspective of this wise scholar.” ‎

He said that the late Imam Khomeyni said that the Islamic Revolution had been exported ‎to ‎the world, he stated, “This indicates that the Islamic Revolution has been exported to the ‎world and its audience isn’t only Iranians.” ‎

Hujjat al-Islam Taeb‎ stated that part of the statement describes the achievements of the ‎Islamic government over the past forty years, stated, “One of the achievements of the ‎Islamic Revolution over the past few years has been that it has been able to bring the Arab ‎and Islamic countries of the region together and this is not a small achievement.”‎

His Eminence stated that the Islamic Revolution was issued to the heart of Israel, said, ‎‎“Today, there is conflict between Jews of African and European origin is in Israel and this ‎hasn’t been silenced. They say “why there is there racial discrimination in this country? This ‎shows you they have increased the knowledge of anti-racism.”‎
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He pointed out that the Supreme Leader’s objective in regard to the publication of this ‎statement was to create a storm in this world which leads to absolute victory on the side of ‎the world and stated, “The main burden of implementing the Statement on the Second Step ‎of the Islamic Revolution is on the shoulders of the youth. It must be possible to enter the ‎battlefield with all power to bring the statement to the hands of the revolutionaries of the ‎world.”‎
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In conclusion, Hujjat al-Islam Taeb said, “If we want to understand the Statement on the ‎Second Step of the Islamic Revolution and its relationship with the youth, we must know the ‎purpose of the Islamic Revolution, the main purpose of which is the advent of the Imam of ‎the Time [Imam al-Mahdi], and in this statement the determination of this goal is important.”‎

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