A ceremony marking 40th day after the death of Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎will be held in ‎Qom.‎

RNA – Speaking at a press conference marking the fortieth day after the death of Ayatollah ‎Qorban-Ali Mohaqqeq-Kabuli at Rasa News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Hasan-Jan Ahmadi said, ‎‎“The death of Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎is a irreparable loss which has been inflicted on the ‎seminaries and the people of Afghanistan.”‎

A commemoration ceremony will held on Thursday night [July 18th] at Qom’s Grand Mosque.‎

The public relations officer at the office of Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎in Qom said, ‎‎“Ayatollah Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎received the title of ‘Rukn al-Islam’ [Pillar of Islam] ‎from his teacher Ayatollah Khoei and has been studying and teaching in the seminary for ‎more than 50 years. He taught Dars al-Kharij [graduate-level classes] for 35 years in the ‎Islamic Seminary of Qom.”‎
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Referring to Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli’s jihadi activities, he stated, “He played a brilliant role ‎on the battlefronts in Afghanistan, in organizing the battlefronts and in the victory of the ‎revolution. It can be said that Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎was the reviver of Friday prayers ‎in Afghanistan as through him, three great Friday prayers were held in Afghanistan – in the ‎cities of Herat, Bamyan, Balkh and Ghazni. Also, 21 seminaries, husayniyahs and mosques ‎were built in different parts of Afghanistan through him.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Ahmadi added, “Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎provided assistance for most of ‎the 300 Shi’ah seminaries in Afghanistan. In 1993, his office began activities in four countries ‎‎– Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran. In the arena of resolving legal litigation, he ‎responded to the problems of litigants and dealt with refugee affairs of Afghan citizens such ‎that someone from one of the government ministries of Afghanistan considered the services ‎provided by Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎as equivalent to those of the government ‎ministries.”‎

His Eminence said that Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎had been the religious leader of the ‎Muslim people of Afghanistan since 1993 and said, “On various occasions, terrorist incidents ‎and the drafting of the constitution, he sent letters and messages to the government and the ‎parliament with important feedback and these letters and feedback were due to the his ‎position as a source of emulation.”‎
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He emphasized that Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎had an important position among the ‎politicians in Afghanistan and stated, “Afghanistan hasn’t been under the control of the ‎Shi’ahs but everyone listened to his messages. During his trips to Afghanistan, the president ‎and members of parliament came to him and there was no delegation from Afghanistan to ‎Iran where they didn’t meet with him.”‎
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Hujjat al-Islam Ahmadi added, “Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli had meetings and discussions ‎with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] since the time of ‎jihad [Soviet-Afghan War] and Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎loved the Supreme Leader and the ‎Supreme Leader also respected him. We thank the Supreme Leader for his special favours. ‎With his wise statement, he consoled the Afghan people.”‎
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He continued, “The presence of Afghan immigrants and citizens of Qom in the funeral of ‎Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli was accompanied by various messages, such as the acceptance ‎of the message of the Supreme Leader and the friendship between the people of Iran and ‎Afghanistan.”‎

Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli ‎was an Afghan source of emulation. He was born in the village of ‎‎Turkman in Parwan province, northwest of Kabul. He was an ethnic Hazara. He passed away ‎‎on June 11, 2019 at the age of 91. ‎
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