TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (Press Shia) – First deputy-president has criticized conduct of media critical of Rouhani’s government of depicting a grim image of the situation, while they should provide the public with transparent information and avoid propaganda war.

Mr. Is’hagh Jahangiri who was addressing the 1st Seminar on Woman, Family, and Media on Saturday, said the media salted to form a sort of opposition against the government had gone on extremes in vilification of the status quo; “we call these media outlets to contribute to the social issues in line with their inherent role of providing transparent information to the public. To depict a grim image of the country while there is excellent leadership and a secure society would not serve public good,” he emphasized. “The image reflected in the media is far from the realities on the ground; thus, the view poisons the public impression of the situation. Free circulation of the information should provide the media with a major line of policy. Concealing and misrepresenting the realities would only serve creation of a dusty atmosphere where the vested interests are sought by specific circles enjoying the same opaque environment.”

Jahanrigi also believed over-politicization of the media and accordingly public domain had limited media scope in fully attending to their duties; “waging propaganda war against the government had been a good alternative for these media which rely mainly on tax-payer money; they have systematically hit Parliament and government which are the outcome of the direct public vote,” he told the meeting.

On the place of women and the contribution they had made to country’s economy, politics, and culture, first-deputy president believed the history had given testament to the high place of women; “behind every successful man there has been a good woman; no ground would be considered in historical terms without women’s contribution; in art, education, politics, sports, and entrepreneurship, women had contributed to national assets even more than men had,” Jahangiri said.

“Journalist women had been part of the media in local and national levels and the Establishment should recognize their place and contribution; the present edition of the Festival provides opportunities to connect women and the media,” he concluded.