On Eid Ghadir day, Ayatollah Yaqubi, making pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS), renewed allegiance to Amir al-Momenin (AS).

According to the correspondent of Rasa News Agency in Najaf Ashraf, Ayatollah Yaqubi, an Iraqi scholar, attending in the sacred shrine of Imam Ali (AS) on Eid Ghadir day, renewed allegiance to Amir al-Momenin (AS).

It is noteworthy that Ayatollah Yaqubi, issuing a statement, has invited believers to broadly celebrate Eid Ghadir Khom and hold Ihya ceremonies (remaining awake at night) at the night before Eid Ghadir Khom.

The eighteenth of Dhu’l-Hijjah month, Eid Ghadir Khom, is a highly significant and happy occasion for Shiites, as on this day, the Prophet (S), following a Heavenly order, installed Imam Ali (AS) as the caliph and Imam.

Rasa News Agency


Source by [Rasa News Agency]