TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (Press Shia) – Secretary of the Expediency Council has urged more rapid development of Tehran-Beijing trade.

Mr. Mohsen Rezaei received an official of Chinese Communist Party Qi Yu who is deputy head of the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China on Monday. He heads a delegation of tradesmen to Tehran.

Mr. Rezaei hailed exchange of trade delegations between Iran and China, but urged more improved and accelerated pace of the relations; “Iran welcomes extended ties with China; we know your economy and the huge potentials in terms of abilities to invest in Iranian economic projects; Iran provides in turn immense capacities for Chinese firms to work with Iranian economy for bilateral interests,” Mr. Rezaei told Chinese official.

Former IRGC general also hailed China’s role during nuclear negotiations with 5+1 and as a country where the degree of corruption had been addressed effectively, a fact very valuable for Iran and which contributed to economic growth; “the new situation in China mandates such level of discipline and strict monitoring of the economy; Tehran would welome such experiences to apply to its own situation to bring some level of organization to economic behavior of the officials,” he told the meeting.

Rezaei believed China had a good conduct during nuclear negotiations along with Russia, with France and the UK vilified as the two most intransigent players who would not easily bend themselves to conditions of the negotiations and who waged occasional sabotage. “In the past 200 years, Iranians managed to force Britain out of the country; for the US, this has been 50 years, and now we attain independence and would decide with which countries we should have relations; this is a historic moment where we want to see more rapid development of bilateral relations,’ Rezaei asserted.

Mr. Yu for his part, said China-Iran relations enjoyed 45 years of better political relations; “we highly regard relations with Iran and express gratitude for warm welcome lavished upon Chinese delegation by the Expediency Council,” he told the meeting. “The Communist Party has restored the public trust upon itself through party disciplinary measures to address corruption and other challenges,” he briefly said.