One of the Iraqi scholars emphasized the necessity of using one’s youth to serve God ‎Almighty and serve society.‎ ‎

According to the correspondent of Rasa News Agency in Najaf Ashraf, a group of graduates of the intensive courses in religious studies at the Cultural ‎Institute of Science and Religion met with Ayatollah Muhammad Yaqoubi in the Iraqi holy city ‎of Najaf.‎

During the meeting, the Iraqi source of emulation said, “Young people must spend their ‎youth in obtaining divine satisfaction and rebuild their lives on the path of good and in ‎benefit of themselves and society.”‎

Ayatollah Yaqoubi added, “Young people must be careful not to spend their lives engaging in ‎unnecessary matters and not devote their lives to futile work.”‎

His Eminence reiterated the need to reconstruct the thinking of young people in building a ‎spiritual and faith future and said, “We give attention to family and child affairs in planning ‎for a material future, because building a spiritual future leads to human happiness in this ‎world and in the Hereafter and is considered as an essential prelude to building a material ‎future.”‎

It’s worth mentioning that the Cultural Institute of Science and Religion is one of the ‎subsidiary institutes of the office of Ayatollah Yaqoubi, which works to promote the ideas ‎and beliefs of the youth.‎

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]