The revered source of emulation stated that we have a duty not to surrender to the arrogant ‎powers and said, “Iran has no intention to attack others and no one has the power to attack ‎Iran.”‎

RNA – In his weekly ethics lesson, Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli referred to the arrival of ‎the solemn month of Muharram and mourning for the Master of the Martyrs [Imam al-‎Husayn] and historical continuity of the Karbala incident and stressed upon the historical ‎resilience and endurance of the tragedy of Karbala and said, “Although in appearance, the ‎event of Karbala was a minor accident in comparison with many other historical events and ‎crimes, when you read the contemporary history book ‘The History of the World Conqueror’ ‎‎[by Ata-Malek Juvayni 1226–1283] about the Mongol Horde, you see that the Mongols ‎perpetrated crimes and atrocities which were tens and hundreds of times greater than those ‎done in Karbala.”‎

The revered source of emulation continued, “But the names of the dead have been buried ‎but when Arba’in al-Husayn occurs,‎‏ ‏twenty million‏ ‏pilgrims march barefoot toward Karbala. ‎This is a celestial court – this is another account! Did Husayn ibn Ali fight for the world? He ‎fought for eternity – not for a year, a month, history, geography, sky nor earth – what he ‎fought for was above all if this.”‎

Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli added, “When you investigate the Umayyad movement before the ‎incident of Karbala, this movement – meaning Mu’awiyah, as well as his father Abu Sufyan – ‎were disbelievers until the conquering of Makkah and then they became hypocrites. There is ‎a luminous expression of Imam Ali wherein he said ‘[outwardly they became Muslims but] ‎they didn’t accept Islam but rather they surrendered out of fear.’ They stood against the ‎school of thought [of Imam Ali] in every sense, sometimes they put the Quran on the top ‎of spears, sometimes they accused the Quran of distortion, banned the writing of hadiths, ‎and their efforts led to plots such that hadiths were not narrated and they distributed prizes ‎on false occasions in order to buy people’s religion.”‎
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His Eminence emphasized, “When the movement of Karbala becomes clear and when our ‎duty is known is when we know to what extent the Umayyads were working. Now, to what ‎extent are the foreigners and arrogant powers trying to harm the Islamic system? The duty ‎of all of us is not to surrender due to this oppression because Imam al-Husayn said ‘Like ‎me, don’t surrender to this oppression.’”‎

He added, “This worthy country [Iran] has been suffering for a long time under pressure and ‎oppression and was oppressed. Now, due to divine blessings, it’s growing. It doesn’t ‎interfere in the affairs of others nor doesn’t it have any intention of attacking others and no ‎one has the power to attack Iran.”‎

Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli noted, “In Surah al-Tawbah, God says ‘and let them find severity in ‎you’ [9:123]. We must live in such a manner that the enemies know that they cannot attack ‎us. This is obligatory on all of us, whether through missiles or through another method, ‎except through forbidden weapons. We must live in such a manner that the foreigners don’t ‎sense an attack and even if you don’t intent to attack, but they must not sense the power ‎which exists in you.”‎

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