TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – An American author and political analyst said the Trump administration is awash with “dual US-Israeli citizens” and its foreign policy is run by European and Israeli elites to convert human society into subservient nations.

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“Trump’s administration is awash with dual US/Israeli citizens and it’s crystal clear that powerful elements in Israel and their founding families based in Europe are his main puppeteers. US foreign policy is orchestrated by powerful European financial elites through almost direct Israeli intervention in US affairs,” Walt Peretto told Press Shia Agency.

He added, “Their long-term goals are to merge all nations and convert human society into a drastically depopulated, RFID chipped, mind-controlled subclass subservient to an omnipotent ruling class where all challenges to their power become impossible.”

Walt Peretto is an American writer, researcher, analyst, and sociopolitical psychologist. He is a regular contributor to various media outlets and he writes for several online news magazines. He is also working on a book that will introduce the groundwork for sociopolitical psychology which is the study of the behaviors behind social systems and their interactions.

The full text of the interview is as follows:

Press Shia Agency: According to a recent article published by the Washington Post, “Long-term trends show that China is catching up to the United States on just about every conceivable capability metric. Short-term trends show the European Union is a more potent regulatory power and the United States has become more isolated on questions of, say, aviation regulation”. At the same time, serious international relations scholars have argued that US hegemonic power is nearing its end. What are your thoughts on this? 

Peretto: There is a perception around the world that the United States is essentially a rogue state when it comes to environmental regulations, tolerance of Israeli aggression in its occupied territories and close neighbors, and its willingness to unilaterally use its military might around the world. When it comes to the environment, the typical cycle goes like this – if a Republican is president, you will get an administration that is business first and burdensome environmental regulations will be lax – if a Democrat is elected, there will be more emphasis on regulations and measures to combat climate change. This dichotomy upholds the left/right political psychological divide and feeds ‘participatory’ political debate—keeping the public in the notion that their opinions matters. In reality, sane environmental actions that government and private citizens could take to reverse environmental degradation like ending the dumping of plastics and other waste products in the oceans, are ignored, while placing a heavy emphasis on climate change. The reason for this emphasis on the theory of climate change, to the detriment of tangible environmental damage, is well-documented in UN Agenda 21. This document, signed by about 178 nations in 1992, calls for the implementation of initiatives that would place incredible power in the hands of governments to sharply restrict the free-flow of people, mass confiscation of private land and moving populations into high rise ‘smart’ cities filled with advanced surveillance technologies that would essentially end the concept of privacy. This madness is being sold under the guise of ‘sustainable development.’ It is also being sold at the local level instead of by federal decrees. They want this movement to be viewed as an endless patchwork of local initiatives and grassroots environmental actions. The real deal behind these initiatives has to do with a psychopathic class of individuals who are pathologically obsessed with complete domination and control of all the world’s material wealth and human resources. They covet a sharply depopulation mind-controlled population living in strategically designed surveillance cities where elites and their enforcers and dark psychologists can easily manage a mind-controlled service class that will benefit the elite. Agenda 21 is behind many of these unknowing environmental groups and educational programs. Many children in Western nations are being fed with notions that if we do not act on climate change now…within a dozen years or so environmental damage with be irreversible and the children of today will not have a future to look forward to. This is outright systemic child abuse! There is no definitive evidence that human activity is warming the planet to the extent that polar ice will melt in a few years and all low-lying coastal cities will be inundated. These notions have also given social-engineers the green light to spray the atmosphere with endless streams of aluminum, strontium, and barium, in the name of reversing global warming when in fact it has more to do with introducing chemicals into the environment that will accelerate the depopulation efforts so coveted by the pathological classes. On a federal level, it is the United States with its current stance on deregulation that is somewhat of a snag on the global ‘sustainable development’ movement. But again, implementation of Agenda 21 is currently on the local level, waiting for a future Democratic administration to sign it into law federally. It’s not that Trump is anti-globalization, he will do whatever his backers command, but this perception of a growing divide between the US and its allies helps to feed Trump’s constituency who still believe he is an “America First” and anti-globalist president. The left in America largely despises Trump—so he must maintain solid support from the right who believe he is more for individual freedoms and “making America great again.” By distancing himself from the consensus of other nations, Trump’s constituency reinforces their notion that their president is America first when his actions imply his controllers are global government first.

Press Shia Agency: North Korea continues to test missiles and Trump insists that Washington has good ties with Pyongyang. What is behind approach?

Peretto: Compare Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong-un with Trump’s stance regarding the rest of America’s perceived enemies. The differences tell a story of the priorities of Trump’s globalist backers who mentored his ascendency to US president. I have reason to believe that Trump’s handlers see North Korea as a living breathing laboratory for their social engineers to study and compare notes. North Korea engages in an anachronistic form of human livestock management based on direct threat and coercion under the premise of a rewriting of Marxist/Leninist ideology called Juche. This country is arguably the most dystopic and miserable society on Earth today. Yet Trump boasts that he has a good relationship with the North Korean leader. Meanwhile, Trump endlessly sings the praises of Israel, a nation that was the main catalyst behind the 9/11 attacks that killed almost 3,000 people on that day in Trump’s hometown of New York. Trump’s administration is awash with dual US/Israeli citizens and it’s crystal clear that powerful elements in Israel and their founding families based in Europe are his main puppeteers. US foreign policy is orchestrated by powerful European financial elites through almost direct Israeli intervention in US affairs. Their long-term goals are to merge all nations and convert human society into a drastically depopulated, RFID chipped, mind-controlled subclass subservient to an omnipotent ruling class where all challenges to their power become impossible. They utilize ever advancing technologies in the areas of surveillance, biochemical manipulation, and mind-control to multi-generationally implement this global dystopia in the works. Yet, North Korea itself remains quite primitive in comparison and controls its people in more historical ways through fear, intimidation, and withholding many of the essentials for basic survival. Rewards are often given to societal managers in exchange for absolute compliance. Higher ups are sometimes motivated with gifts of material items or relatively comfortable residences while the commoners who fail to serve the state adequately enough are largely on their own in this harsh game of survival. Some call this a ‘gift economy.’ Many of the commoners end up in prison work camps and are exploited for many years often until the time of their deaths. In sharp contrast, other US perceived enemies like Iran and Venezuela, are independent nations with a wealth of natural resources, unlike North Korea. Their societies are much more in tune with the world’s average to higher standards of living and they are not aggressors on the world stage. Yet Trump and his backers demonize these nations while North Korea gets a free pass. This is because countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Syria have not yet signed onto the one-world system coveted by the globalist psychopaths. Trump’s job as a globalist puppet is to take a bellicose public stance against these holdout nations while maintaining a soft tone with Kim Jong-Un and his nation’s low-tech social laboratory.  

Press Shia Agency: The US has decided to set up an international patrol mission to secure the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, calling on its allies to join it. A number of countries, including Germany, France, and Japan, have turned down Washington’s request. It seems that the divide between the US and its close allies is growing. What do you think?

Peretto: Any military conflict between the US and its allies against Iran would immediately disturb shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf region. US (Israeli) foreign policy is attempting to gain the upper hand by coalition-building with its allies to form strategic advantages should a major conflict begin in these economically important waters. Aggression towards Iran is largely an Israeli initiative. Israel has placed many dual US/Israeli citizens in Trump’s administration as ‘advisors’ and they control the US Congress through a pledge that all elected members must sign stating they will vote in favor of Israeli interests. Failing to sign this pledge to AIPAC results in the cutoff of essential funding for their political campaigns. Israeli agents also have a tight grip on the US mainstream news media and are very influential on other aspects of mainstream American society including entertainment. Israel and its founding families also strongly influence America’s allies to various degrees—especially in terms of international banking and finance. But most of America’s allies retain more independence than the US and they are inclined to express this independence at times by openly distancing themselves from US foreign policy. Another perception is that the US will express its aggression unilaterally if their allies do not comply. But the US always seems to get the UK quickly on board and to coalesce most allies if major conflicts are commenced. The American people are rarely behind such aggression short of a major event like the false flag self-inflicted 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is the heavy Israeli influence in the US government and mainstream media that fuels most American aggression. In relative peacetime, many of America’s allies may take an independent stance with some issues like the Iran nuclear agreement which Trump has rejected. But in times of major conflict, many of America’s allies will provide some military support to aide US foreign adventures.