Hujjat al-Islam Maleki referred to the event of Karbala as an extract of all of history and ‎emphasized, “In every age and time, our mission must be to assist in the victory of Front of ‎Truth.” ‎

RNA – Speaking at a mourning ceremony at Qom’s Imam Sadiq Mosque, Hujjat al-Islam ‎Hamid Maleki, the assistant director of Edification and Education in the Islamic Seminaries, ‎explained the philosophy of human creation by referring the traditions and statements of ‎Allamah Martyr Mortaza Motahhari.‎

Referring to the Prophetic narration “one who truly knows himself has already come to know ‎his Lord,” the scholar emphasized that knowing oneself is an important principle and said, “A ‎noble, honourable and ardent man doesn’t commit sin, he doesn’t drunk alcohol, he doesn’t ‎lie and he doesn’t backbite.”‎
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Hujjat al-Islam Maleki considered one of the most important Quranic role models as the ‎loving personality of the Prophet Muhammad and emphasized that the Shi’ahs are the ‎people of the sunnah (tradition) and said, “We must take the Prophet Muhammad as a role ‎model and act in accordance with his advice, way of life, statements and deeds in our ‎personal and social lives.”‎
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His Eminence said that considering others as superior to ourselves as one of the levels and ‎signs of courtesy in Islamic teachings and added, “We must not be haughty over and ‎intoxicated by what God has given us. The true believer is the person who, if the whole ‎world is given to him or if the whole world is taken away from him, he doesn’t become ‎overwhelmed with joy or despair.”‎

In describing the characteristics of the believers, he cited traditions of the Infallibles and said, ‎‎“The believers don’t seek exaltation, supremacy and corruption on earth.”‎

In conclusion, Hujjat al-Islam Maleki referred to Karbala as an extract of all of history and ‎emphasized, “All of our efforts and our mission must be to identify and assist the Front of ‎Truth during every age and time. We must always know whether we are on the line of truth ‎or falsehood?”‎

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