The Friday prayer leader of Najaf Ashraf, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Sadr ad-Din Qobanchi, responded to the claim of the US, the Zionist Regime and Saudi Arabia about launching a war against Iran and Iraq.

According to the correspondent of Rasa News Agency in Najaf Ashraf, the Friday prayer leader of Najaf, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Sadr ad-Din Qobanchi, delivering the sermons of this week Friday prayer, held in Fatima Kubra Hussainia, pointed to the presence of the holders of Arbaein Mukebs in the conference held by Astan Quds Razavi, and said, “Veneration of Imam Hussain Mukeb holders is a very good act. Their services to pilgrims of Imam Hussain (AS) has turned to a big honour in the world.”

Pointing to the visit of Mukeb holders with the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, he said, “Ayatollah Khamenei in this visit said that the services of Iraqi people, together with their treatment and respect towards the pilgrims of Imam Hussain (AS) is a source of pride for us.”

Hujjal al-Islam Qobanchi, describing the threats of the US and the Zionist Regime for attacking Iran in 48 hours as a baseless stupid claim, said, “They highly fear death and escape any kind of war.”

He finally maintained, “Following the attacks on their oil facilities, Saudis accused Iran and Iraq and attacked the base of IPMF in Bukamal region. Such provocative actions by the US are aimed at provoking divisions and war, however, we don’t fear death and tell the US and Israel that we are the children of Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) who fear no war or death.”

Rasa News Agency


Source by [Rasa News Agency]