The representative of the people of Alborz province in the Assembly of Experts said that the ‎Arba’in pilgrimage is the introduction to the new Islamic civilization and added, “You will see ‎the height of human and divine dignity on this journey.”‎

RNA – The second gathering of activists from the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution ‎Front and the Fourth Conference of Arba’in Delegations ended on the afternoon of ‎September 20th at Jamkaran Mosque in Qom. ‎

Speaking at the conference, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad-Mahdi Mirbaqeri, the ‎representative of the people of Alborz province in the Assembly of Experts, said that in ‎Islamic civilization of society is formed on the basis of the Imam and added, “In the society ‎of believers, the Purified Imams are the pillars of the country. This subjected is referred to in ‎Ziyarah al-Jami’ah al-Kabirah.” ‎

The renowned speaker stated, “In Surah al-Baqarah, we read that the Prophet Abraham was ‎introduced as an Imam after heavy examinations. According to narrations, when a covenant ‎was made between him and the Ahl al-Bayt, he was introduced as an Imam as he had the ‎appearance of an Imam for a historical nation because the focus of his work in the Quran ‎was to establish prayer.”‎

In another part of his speech, he referred to the manifestation of dignity in the journey of ‎Arba’in, and emphasized, “In the journey of Arba’in, despite all the difficulties that it has, you ‎take steps and every year you go because it is a relationship full of dignity and because the ‎society around the Imam is the society of the dignified.” ‎

Ayatollah Mirbaqeri said, “There is 100% security in this regard and you feel no danger and ‎the only reason for this is because this journey is the appearance of the dignity of the ‎Imam, while the basis of Western societies is trade and commerce, which means attracting ‎the maximum benefit, such that it’s impossible for such a society to feel a sense of ‎security.”‎

He added, “One of the attributes of the Shi’ah in the narrations is giving generously in the ‎way of the guardianship of the Ahl al-Bayt. You see the special expression of this in the ‎Arba’in pilgrimage – how our dear Iraqi brothers give generously in the way of Ahlul-Bayt – ‎they are forgiven and this is nothing but the love and guardianship of Imam al-Husayn and ‎their hearts are inclined towards the Imam.”‎

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