Hujjat al-Islam al-Da’moush described the “Karbala’i identity” of Hezbollah and added, ‎‎“Hezbollah’s response to the recent Zionist aggressions made two major achievements.”‎

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Da’moush emphasized that the warriors of Hezbollah follow the ‎path and method of Imam al-Husayn and his companions.‎

The vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah added that the martyrs of Hezbollah ‎have borrowed their faith, jihad, courage, perseverance and sacrifice from the tragedy of ‎Karbala and stating, “All of the martyrs of Hezbollah, from the first martyred martyr Ahmad ‎Qasir to the last martyr in the path of resistance and martyrs Hasan Zubayb and Yasir Zahir‏ ‏‎[who were martyred in Tel Aviv’s invasion of Syria in September] are the true examples of ‎those who were killed for the sake of God and for the sake of protecting our country and ‎protecting our homeland, honour and dignity.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam al-Da’moush emphasized that resistance to the equation of deterrence that ‎the enemies sought to destroy in its recent attack made two new gains and explained, ‎‎“These two gains are: Lebanon’s right to respond to any aggression from anywhere in ‎Lebanon against any point in occupied Palestine. Previously, responses were limited to the ‎Shebaa Farms. Second: The beginning of fighting through the use of drones and the ‎confirmation of our right to down Israeli drones.”‎

In August, Israel killed two Hezbollah members fighting terrorists in Syria and crashed a ‎drone into Hezbollah’s media office in Beirut. Hezbollah responded by launching missiles ‎from Lebanon which destroyed an armored personnel carrier in Avivim in northern Israel, ‎killing or wounding those on board.‎
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He emphasized that Hezbollah has put Karbala at the forefront of its efforts and has resisted ‎with little equipment but great faith, sacrifice and determination and said, “After the ‎martyrdom of every commander, from Sayyid Abbas al-Musawi to Haj Imad Mughniyah, the ‎Islamic Resistance entered a new, more advanced and stronger phase. Every martyr creates ‎a spirit of sacrifice and selflessness for not just tens but rather hundreds of people, ‎especially when that martyr is one of the great personalities.”‎

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