In an interview with Rasa News Agency, an Iraqi organizer of Arba’in mawkibs stated that a ‎delegation of organizers of Arba’in mawkibs were well-received by officials of the holy ‎shrines of Imam al-Ridha and Sayyidah al-Ma’sumah.‎

According to Rasa News Agency’s correspondent in Najaf, Sa’ad Hadi Saleh, a senior ‎official from an organization which organizes Arba’in mawkibs [mourning groups and ‎organizations] in Iraq said, “ThAe mawkib which is decorated with the blessed name of ‎Imam al-Hadi will be presented on the road leading to Karbala from the road between al-‎Hillah and Diwaniyah to offer a variety of services to pilgrims participating in the Arba’in of ‎Imam al-Husayn pilgrimage.” ‎

He continued, “During a recent trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a delegation of Iraqi ‎organizers of mawkibs succeeded in gaining honour, because on the one hand they were ‎able to make pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Imam Ali al-Ridha and his dear sister Sayyidah ‎Fatimah al-Ma’sumah, and on the other hand, they were granted the grace of meeting with ‎the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei].”‎
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Saleh added, “The authorities of the holy shrines of Imam al-Ridha and Sayyidah al-‎Ma’sumah welcomed us very kindly and didn’t make any errors against the rights of the ‎organizers of Iraqi mawkibs invited by the Iranian authorities.”‎

He also referred to the Zionist regime’s targeting of bases belonging to the Popular ‎Mobilization Forces and said, “The Popular Mobilization Forces are derived from the context ‎of the Iraqi people and we condemn any attack against them. Unfortunately, Iraq doesn’t ‎have the capacity to respond to the Zionist regime and the government’s stance on the ‎attacks by this regime is weak.”‎

Iraqi experts have called for the purchase of air defence systems from Iran and Russia to ‎counter American spy operations in response to Israeli chain attacks on the bases and ‎positions of the Popular Mobilization Forces.‎

The Popular Mobilization Forces are part of the official armed forces of Iraq under the ‎command of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi under a law approved by the country’s ‎parliament.‎

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, the President and the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament held a ‎meeting in support of the Popular Mobilization Forces, emphasizing that this organization is ‎an active part of Iraq’s security system.‎

Rasa News Agency


Source by [Rasa News Agency]