The director of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran emphasized the that Arba’in has become a ‎form of moral, cultural and theological diplomacy and emphasized the need for clarification ‎of the principles and charter of this diplomacy.‎

RNA – In a meeting with members of the Cultural and Educational Committee of the Arba’in ‎Headquarters, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi said, “The category of pilgrimage is a category that ‎exists alongside supplication and prayer in the form of two special wings in Islam and the ‎teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt, which are the cause of the growth and excellence of a believing ‎person.”‎

The director of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran noted, “Many of our teachings are in common ‎with other religions and denominations but there are also specializations‏ ‏and distinguishing ‎qualities, one of which is the issue of pilgrimage. The Shi’ah viewpoint is prominent in this ‎regard.”‎

He said, “Pilgrimage is in fact a means of connection to the path toward God. A characteristic ‎of the two gates – prayers and pilgrimage – is that all the truths of religion are manifested in ‎these two gates in a particular manner. These two gates are considered as the two wings of ‎the ‘way to God.’ In our sources, the issues are expressed in two parts – supplication and ‎pilgrimages – in an epic and passionate manner. All of these truths are accompanied by ‎spiritual passion and epic.”‎

Ayatollah Arafi emphasized the that the Arba’in pilgrimage has become a form of moral, ‎cultural and theological diplomacy and emphasized the need for clarification of the principles ‎and charter of this diplomacy.‎

His Eminence added, “The duty of the Arba’in Headquarters and the cultural department and ‎the seminary and its cultural apparatus is to make the passion and epic of the pilgrimage a ‎mirror and bring the demonstration of religious education to fruition.”‎

He said, “In this regard, we must have a comprehensive distribution of people in the Arba’in ‎pilgrimage. We must increase the participation other nations as one objective so that the ‎slogans of this great epic can be heard in different countries and gradually throughout the ‎entire world.”‎

Ayatollah Arafi added, “The presence of a colourful range of races, languages, ethnicities and ‎religions in the Arba’in pilgrimage will enhance the authentic Husayni discourse. Other ‎important points include the use of art in this great jihadi movement. Various kinds of arts ‎can be activated in this regard and there are many artists who want to play a role in this ‎regard.” ‎

In conclusion, he said, “We hope that this year, we will also create a spiritual epic in the ‎Arba’in pilgrimage and be fruitful in saving the Islamic world.”‎

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