TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Around 200 firefighters were mobilized to tackle a huge fire at the chemical factory of Lubrizol in France on early Thursday.

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Schools and nurseries in 13 nearby towns have been closed, according to local authorities, and police have urged residents living near the Lubrizol plant in Rouen, Normandy, to limit their movements, CNN reported.

As thick, black clouds of smoke billowed from the factory, residents of the city complained of an oily residue being found on the streets and cars.

There are no reported victims at this stage, according to Reuters, and regional police said initial tests gave no indication of serious toxins in the air.

The fire started at 02:40am local time, police said and, with a cloud of smoke moving northeast, a strong smell might be present in the regions impacted.

Locals had been sharing videos of oil residue on the streets, on their cars and on plants in their gardens, Masterson said, while farmers were worried for their animals.