TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan to voice the strong protest of the Islamic Republic on the country’s incapability to provide security and peace of Iranian embassy and its staff in Denmark.

“Following the attack of four counter-revolutionary elements on Iran’s embassy in Copenhagen on Thursday, head of European Affairs Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan and while voicing Iran’s strong protest against the attack, underlined the incident is contrary to the accepted international principles and due to poor performance in providing security and peace of the embassy and its staff,”Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said.

He urged Danish government to take responsible and serious measures to deal with the dissidents and to provide the Islamic Republic with the results of their proceedings.

He pointed out that Danish ambassador expressed his regret over the attack on the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said the incident is unacceptable.

“Annan promised to reflect Iran’s protests to Copenhagen and to pursue the perpetrators and notify it of the results as soon as possible,” Ghasemi noted.