Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly warned Saudi Arabia ‎not to fall into the trap of the Great Satan and the Saudis must abandon their ignorant, ‎hostile, divisive and arrogant stances and support of Takfiri terrorists.”‎

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers ‎at ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sa’idi offered his condolences ‎on the day of Arba’in, which marks the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam al-‎Husayn, and said, “Among religious beliefs, Arba’in has a special place and is a divine ‎phenomenon. Arba’in is the link between the Muhammadan-Alawi revolution and the ‎Mahdawi world revolution. Imam al-Husayn is the founder of the modern Islamic ‎civilization and Arba’in demonstrates the power of the Islamic society and the school of ‎the Ahl al-Bayt.”‎

The custodian of the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah praised the IRGC’s ‎capture of Ruhollah Zam, the administrator of the AmadNews anti-revolutionary ‎channel on Telegram and said, “This person was strongly supported by the arrogant ‎powers of the world and the defeat of the Zionists, Americans, Europeans and their ‎mercenary intelligence services is a continuation of the successive defeats of the ‎arrogant powers by the Iranian people.”‎
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He said, “Before his exile to Iraq, the late Imam Khomeyni made a statement about the ‎American president of that time [Lyndon B. Johnson], which is true in regard to all ‎American presidents, including Trump, who today is the most unpopular person in our ‎country.” ‎

Referring to the Saudi efforts to end the Yemeni war, Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “The rulers ‎of the House of Saud have been seeking to conquer the territory of the Persian Gulf ‎states since they came to power and began invading the poorest country, Yemen, and ‎several years ago. The brutal invasion of Yemen and the killing of the people didn’t only ‎achieve nothing but they witnessed the disastrous defeat by the Yemeni resistance ‎force.”‎

The representative of the Supreme Leader in ‎Qom said that the House of Saud was ‎committed to the United States in its criminal actions but the United States thought of ‎nothing else but Saudi money and oil and said, “Petrodollars were used to purchase ‎American weapons and in regard to the Saud’s welcome dance, they were referred to as ‎‎‘lactating cows.’”‎

He added, “Americans have been trapped in the swamps of the region for many years ‎by spending trillions of dollars. The Americans think of nothing but their illegitimate ‎interests. For this reason, the Saudis have resorted to countries such as the Islamic ‎Republic of Iran to exit the swamp of Yemen and their last option was to mediate for ‎Prime Minister of Pakistan [Imran Khan] during his trip to Iran.”‎

Ayatollah Sa’idi emphasized, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has never started a war with ‎any country since its inception but any country that sought to fight against Iran has ‎become regretful quickly because Iran has always sought peace and friendship with ‎countries around the world, especially the Muslims of the region and its neighbours.”‎
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His Eminence reiterated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly warned Saudi ‎Arabia not to fall into the trap of the Great Satan and the Saudis must abandon their ‎ignorant, hostile, divisive and arrogant stances and support of Takfiri terrorists and as ‎much as they can, they should negotiate with the powerful, independent and respected ‎Islamic Republic of Iran to resolve their problems.”‎

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