Ayatollah Alemi said, “In order to be truly saved from the harm of the enemies, we must act ‎with a revolutionary spirit, resist and stand firm against the enemies.”‎

RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, Ayatollah Hasan Alemi, the ‎representative of the people of Khorasan Razavi province in the Assembly of Experts, ‎referred to the warnings of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah ‎Khamenei] regarding the attempts by the enemies to make the people and the authorities ‎abandon the revolutionary path and said, “For forty years, the experiences of the Islamic ‎Revolution have shown that at different times and in various situations, whenever the ‎enemies wanted to seriously harm us, we stood against the evil of the enemies with a ‎resistant, revolutionary and jihadi spirit.”‎

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary‎ added, “At present, the only solution to the problems of ‎the country is to adhere to revolutionary aspirations and the goals of the revolution. Those ‎who have created and accepted the revolution must act on the revolutionary path.”‎

Ayatollah Alemi stated that if we abandon, become weak or become doubtful in regard to ‎applying the Islamic Revolution, we will suffer serious harm and stated, “In order to be truly ‎saved from the harm of the enemies, we must act with a revolutionary spirit, resist and ‎stand firm against the enemies.”‎

He continued, “In the event that the enemies have finally brought the economic blockade to ‎the end and there is no room for further sanctions, certainly resistance is the solution. If our ‎revolutionary and resistant spirit declines and the enemies prevail over us, we will surely ‎suffer a more severe and fatal blow than ever before.”‎

Ayatollah Alemi emphasized the use of the model of the Sacred Defence [Iran-Iraq War] in ‎the present-day economic war and said, “During the Sacred Defence, the people stood ‎against the enemies that the whole world sided with and supported with the same ‎revolutionary and resistant spirit. Iran was alone during the Sacred Defence but by relying on ‎God and with a striving, perseverant and revolutionary spirit, we can triumph over the ‎world.”‎

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]