TEHRAN, Jan. 21 (Press Shia) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited the site of the collapsed Plasco high-rise in downtown Tehran on Saturday morning.

Tehran’s mayor Bagher Ghalibaf and Tehran Governor Hossein Hashemi accompanied the president to inspect the ongoing search and rescue operation.

President Rouhani stressed the need for continuation of debris removal operation until all those trapped under the rubble are saved.

Addressing reporters and relief personnel, Rouhani said the tragedy was a warning over the security of people’s lives. “We should make accurate decisions and planning to prevent repeating such incidents which are very bitter lesson for the future.”

He praised the collective work of firefighters, relief workers, medical team and security forces, saying all of our concern is for those who are under the rubble; I hope some of them are still alive and those who have lost their lives will remain forever in the hearts of people. “They went to rescue people and were caught in the fire and smoke, may God reward them and their families with patience.”

He underlined that Iran must bow in front of such epic sacrifice which was an act of heroism.