Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Suhayb Habli said that Saudi Arabia’s role in the Al Khalifah regime’s execution of three Bahraini youths is obvious and if the Al Saud didn’t give the green light, Bahrain wouldn’t have been able to commit this brutal crime.

Press Shia – In an interview, Shaykh Suhayb Habli, a senior member of the International Union of Scholars Supporting the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, condemned the execution of three young Bahraini revolutionaries by the Al Khalifah regime and added, “The execution of these three Bahraini youths is a cowardly act and a violation of freedom. Through these crimes, the Al Khalifah regime has closed every path toward the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Bahrain.”

Sami Mushayma’, Abbas Jamil Tahir al-Sami’ and Ali Abdul-Shahid al-Sinkays were executed on Sunday over allegations of killing a member of Emirati forces who had been assisting Manama in its suppression of Bahraini protesters in the northern village of al-Dayh back in March 2014.

The Lebanese Sunni cleric said that the execution of these youths took place in front of the eyes of the Western countries which claim to defend human rights and added that Saudi Arabia’s role in this crime is obvious and if the Al Saud didn’t give the green light, Bahrain wouldn’t have been able to commit this brutal crime.

“This is despite the fact that the Al Saud also executed Shaykh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr in a brutal manner last year,” he said.

Shaykh Habli stressed upon the necessity of raising our voices in regard to the crimes of the Al Khalifah regime and said, “The people of the world must make an effort to stop the Bahraini government’s crimes and silence in the face of these issues is not permitted. This responsibility rests with all free people that fight against tyranny and oppression.”

His Eminence described the situation facing the Al Saud and Al Khalifah as “critical” and added that that this axis is currently facing a series of heavy defeats in various arenas and thus, they assume that through complete dominance over Bahraini society, they can restore their failed morale.

In a statement released, Shaykh Habli said, “The execution of these three citizens without trial actually means that a dangerous crisis has been created by the Al Khalifah regime.”

The member of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon said that Bahraini officials have carried out the commands of the Al Saud and this means that the Al Saud has forced the Arab people to choose between oppression and pressure or the surrender of the region’s oil resources to Daesh Takfiri terrorists.

Shaykh Habli added that Saudi Arabia is flaming the fire of religious and Takfiri sedition in order to place the region in a state of war and chaos and through this, they serve Israel.